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Traffic Safety Forum (March 7, 7pm)

posted Feb 13, 2019, 1:46 PM by David Peattie   [ updated Feb 13, 2019, 1:48 PM ]
Invited Speakers: Sophie Hahn,  Farid Javandel, and BPD Traffic Rep

Berkeley has had an epidemic of vehicle-pedestrian accidents in January, in which more
than a dozen pedestrians were hit by vehicles in eleven accidents, resulting in many
critical injuries, including the president of the Berkeley Unified School District, Judy
Appel, and her wife, Alison Bernstein, who remain hospitalized.

According to an AARP study, “Walking can be risky in cities and towns across America,
where a pedestrian dies in a traffic crash every two hours. Between 2003 and 2012,
crashes killed 47,025 pedestrians nationwide and injured another 676,000. Cutting those
numbers has proved difficult: Distracted drivers increasingly look at phones instead of
the road; people cross streets when and where they shouldn’t; cities and suburban areas
have been built to move cars, not to keep pedestrians safe.” Senior drivers accounted for
seven of the eleven pedestrian accidents in Berkeley as of January 17.

Councilmember Sophie Hahn, representatives from Berkeley’s Police Department
Traffic Division, and the City of Berkeley Traffic Division Manager, Farid Javandel,
will head up a panel to discuss and answer questions about how we as a community can
work to make Berkeley safer for all, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

Thousand Oaks Baptist Church Auditorium, Catalina at Colusa
Enter on Catalina about half a block east from the main church entrance.

There were at least 30 injury crashes in Berkeley in January that involved cyclists or pedestrians.
Red markers show incidents involving pedestrians, and blue ones indicate cyclists.
Source: Google Maps/Berkeleyside

A map of injury crashes involving cyclists or pedestrians in January